Stealth Attraction Program Teaches The Art of Seduction

We have all been there, wanting to talk to someone attractive but not having the courage to introduce yourself. So, what do you do? Do you suck it up and approach her, or do you sit in silence while another guy swoops in?

Self-proclaimed Master Pickup Artist Richard La Ruina, also known as Gambler, claims to have the answer. 

La Ruina has made it his mission to help men develop the confidence and skills they need to win over any woman. 

In a five-hour long online course, the master himself provides step-by-step instructions on making that first move, taking women on dates and most importantly, getting laid. 

The course is called Stealth Attraction, and covers a wide range of real-life scenarios; including meeting women at the bar, coffee shops and bookstores. 

In a program described as ‘rejection-proof’, he breaks down ways to approach women without coming off as sleazy, intimidating or creepy. 

Along with teaching you how to talk to women, the program also offers in-depth courses to help you master your skills in the bedroom. 

DID YOU KNOW? A recent study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that nearly 60% of straight women in the U.S. admitted to faking an orgasm in the past. That’s right, more than HALF of women have faked their orgasms during sex. 

While there can be several reasons for a woman to fake coming to completion,  a major reason is because men do not take the time to understand a woman’s body and her needs. Stealth Attraction wants to end that. In fact, the program features helpful bonus lessons (FREE)  like ‘Squirting Secrets’ and ‘5 Senses of Seduction,’ to help you make any woman groan. 

The program has been praised for helping men conquer all aspects of their dating lives, and is so confident in its success, that Stealth Attraction offers a 60 day money back guarantee. 

Want to learn more ? Click here to see a full review of the Stealth Attraction Program.

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